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Electrical Works for a BUDGET Hotel

Admin | 23 Jun 2021Total Views : 949
Electrical Works for a BUDGET Hotel

Budget Hotels nowadays are proposed with interiors matching to star category standards. Along with this we as Electrical Engineers, have to ensure the same percolates to the Main Panel and the Distribution of the Electrical Circuits within the building to meet the electrical safety norms.
The original plans missed out the service ducts. So, we started with finding suitable service duct for electrical and lv. Challenge was to have these vertical risers from Basement to the terrace – straight. After identifying the space, the architect was asked to treat these ducts so they were safe for human foot falls – majorly the maintenance guy.
It was ensured, the various distribution boards, LV Racks were conveniently installed and operated. The electrical and lv works was designed along with the main panel.
Once, all the equipment’s were in place, tested and successfully commissioned, the next step was to go for identification tags on the cables. Followed by the as build drawings and finally the hand over to the client through the contractor.