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Admin | 05 Aug 2020Total Views : 1173

COVID 2019 has ensured all the domestic work shall be done in-house with zero dependency on external help and these domestic works are as follows –
1. Floor sweeping
2. Washing
3. Drying
4. Dish Wash
Modern machines are available for all the above works and are more EFFICIENT – i.e. the end results & ENERGY EFFICIENT as well. Except Dryer, all need water connection. Even, the water is used very efficiently.
End of the day, all the domestic work is addressed with the least stress and one enjoys the zero dependency. Earlier, say a 6months back, Sr.1,2 and 3 were readily available ONLINE. Today, you explore and surprisingly they aren’t due to supply limitations. Conclusion, there are going to be a lot of such machines operating daiy.
Well, now comes the Electricity part. As said earlier, they are energy efficient, however, in case, utility company encourages to operate all these machines / equipment’s in the night when the load profile is not encouraging for them to operate the generators, that would help them a really lot. Modern machines come with settable timers that automatically start the machine and successfully complete the cycles.
They can revise the tariff from 10.30pm to 5.00am by giving night time incentives by reducing the energy rates.
At least, we are using it daily and are really happy. In case, MSEDCL explores the idea of revision for residential tariff, that would be icing on the cake.
We program it from 9.30pm till 5.00.
Sample photo of the dryer is attached which is the last on to operate. This is followed by the floor sweeping ROBOT programmed to start at 5.00 in the morning. After completing it docks for charging which has Solar Power connection.